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На портале опубликовали статью об особенностях и традиция свадеб в России. Что из себя представляет свадебное торжество в наше время рассказала основатель свадебного агентство Поженимся.Ру.

Weddings today

Very few people in Russia observe these old traditions nowadays. The elements that have survived are the wedding feast, the engagement traditions and the wedding ceremony itself — although the latter two are less honored in observance.

The demands of newlyweds grow with every passing year, with an accompanying rise in the price of weddings and in the services of wedding agencies.

Particularly costly are weddings that involve carrying out the registration in the countryside, or even abroad. The price of a wedding in a top restaurant can be exorbitantly high.

Alexandrina Remez, a manager from the wedding agency explains: “These days, agencies have to be able to set things up on any budget. I’ve known cases myself in which the young couple has done the whole thing in Moscow for just 100,000 rubles ($3,035), with 50 guests. Usually, the couple decides what they want to spend. We’ve organized weddings where the couple was ready to spend up to 2–3 million rubles ($607,000–$910,000). Of course, that price includes the very top photographers, cameramen and other staff.”

“Today, most couples expect that their wedding will be organized by a designer; they take an interest in what the color theme will be, and so that the wedding reflects the history of their relationship,” says Remez.

Generally, weddings can take 2–4 months to organize. The most demanding couples begin organizing the details of “the most important day of their lives” up to a year beforehand — booking the date, reserving the restaurant, etc.

“A wedding these days,” Remez says, “is like a bet on the individuality of the couple. Just two or three years ago, couples were organizing theme-night weddings in the style of Chicago gangsters of the 1920s, or 1980s disco nights, or modeled on Ancient Russian traditions. So tradition can be found converging with the present.”

Традиции свадеб в России

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